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Realizing the Apex Advantage

Apex provides a number of benefits for insureds.

A few are listed here:

-> Customized underwriting for each individual business and its unique risks.


-> Integrates with existing insurance coverage without any amendments.


-> Most insurable business risks can be covered through Apex.




-> Fully integrated product allows for maximum cost efficiencies to insureds.


-> Maximizes cash-flow position by maintaining a majority of working capital for constructive organizational growth.


-> Experience risk transfer without burden of insurance company ownership; no more ongoing fees and expenses. 




We provide your company with a no cost, no obligation initial underwriting evaluation, and will prequalify your organization for premium financing. 



If your application is approved and underwritten, then the loan is issued and your payment is made to the insurer.



You have successfully diversified your non-traditional risk and retain a return of premium contractual benefit for up to 90% of your gross premiums paid.




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How Apex Can Help Your Business

Risks covered under Apex are typically Low Frequency/High Severity (illustrated below in the area towards the lower right corner). Thus, while the frequency may be improbable the loss amounts are typically catastrophic. 

Underwriting Process

Education & Information. Become informed about Apex-risk transfer and cash flow benefits.


Define Specific coverage to meet your insurance needs.


Easy application process.  It can be completed, from start to finish, in less than a week.


Premium payment is remitted to the insurer (as low as 10% of the gross premium payment).

Insurance certificates are issued to the insured.

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