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About Apex

Apex was developed in 2010 when the need arose to for a more efficient risk transfer model. Apex clients have access to non-traditional insurance coverage, have the ability to finance a majority of premiums, and experience a return of earned premium


Apex is underwritten by R&Q Quest (SAC) Limited, Bermuda and is Managed by R&Q Quest Management Services. Premium funding is provided by Einstein Capital. 


Since Apex combines the best aspects of insurance, premium finance and alternative risk transfer with earned premium retention by the insured, Apex allows successful businesses to operate more efficiently. While many businesses either choose to self insure, or pay high premiums for non-traditional risk coverages, Apex clients have access to a multitude of custom coverage options and our clients retain a majority of underwriting profit. 

The excess and surplus lines, or non-admitted, market is comprised of property and casualty companies providing insurance that is generally unavailable to businesses in the standard or admitted market due to the unique characteristics of particular risks.  


Much of the business accepted by surplus lines insurers includes difficult and high capacity risks. For businesses unable to secure insurance from standard companies, the E&S market provides additional capacity and innovative underwriting. 


Excess and Surplus lines are one method that companies are choosing to transfer alternative risks to other risk bearing entities, i.e., insurers. The largest classes of business within the total US E&S market are Other Liability (excluding General Liability) and Property holding 53% and 36% of the market share respectively.



What to Expect

The Apex Process

Business Process



When it comes to Excess & Surplus and non-traditional lines Bermuda represents the epicenter for global alternative risk transfer. Bermuda was chosen as Apex’s home jurisdiction because of the high quality legislation, regulation and services offered there. In fact, Bermuda is home to over 1,200 insurance companies. 


The Alternative Risk Transfer market continues to grow in Bermuda. Bermuda’s insurance sector recorded $163.0 billion in gross premiums in 2014 – an increase of 35.3% from the prior year. Aggregate net premiums written were $138.7 billion, up 41.4% from the $98.1 billion written the previous year. Overall, in 2014, the market recorded aggregate total assets of $607.6 billion and held aggregate capital and surplus of $191.6 billion. “These statistics demonstrate the continued significance of the Bermuda (re)insurance marketplace and underline its major role in the world’s risk transfer industry.” 


Notable U.S. companies using Bermuda for insurance operations include: General Motors, McDonalds, BB&T Bank, CBS, Con-Way Transportation, Energizer Batteries, and many more...




Bermuda | The Jurisdiction of Choice for Most Fortune 500s

Additional Information

Lines of Coverage


Apex lines of coverage are tailored to each insured. Typically insureds purchase revenue cover (loss of business) and expense reimbursement related to various events. As of today, areas of coverage that are popular are cyber risk and reputational risk. Please inquire about a no cost underwriting evaluation today. 


Premium Loan

While not required to participate, most insureds take advantage of Einstein Capital's competitive premium loans at fixed rates. Typically loans require interest only payments. Loans up to 90% of premiums are available. The insurance policy is generally used as collateral. 


Return of Premium Benefit


With good claims experience, earned premiums are returned to insureds. Up to 90% of gross premiums paid may be returned. Our theory is: it's your money, get it back if it's not used to pay claims. 




Each insured has the option to renew its coverage for an additional 12 month term. There is no premium commitment beyond the first year. 


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